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  Please note that minimum order for Mount Boards is 5, you can mix & match any colour! After you have entered the quantities in the colours of your preference, scroll dowm and click "buy".

  Daler Rowney Studland is 1400 micron mountboard for framing, presentations and display. The mounting board comprises of three basic components, the surface paper, core and backing paper. The core and the backing papers contain alkaline fillers to enhance their useful lifespan by minimising the affect of atmospheric pollutants. The boards are ph neutral and clean bevel cut as standard. The standard core colour is cream.

  Most colours are stock items and are available for immediate despatch, unless stated otherwise.


Soft White

Antique White

Off White







Seal Brown


Dove Gray


Smoke Gray


School Gray


Sage Green

Moorland Green

Bottle Green

Holy Green

Midnight Blue



Cobalt Blue

Oxford Blue






Dusky Pink

Pastel Pink




1 Sideed Black

2 Sided Black

Solid Black






Gloss Black

Pearl White

Pearl Ivory

Pearl Mink

A/1-Mount boards 594x841mm

White   White Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-871 Was £3.99 Now! £1.99 Qty:     
Soft White   Soft White Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-875 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Antique White   Antique White Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-975 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Off White   Off White Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-981 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Ivory   Ivory Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-801 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Cream   Cream Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-802 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Buff   Buff Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-803 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Beigh   Beigh Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-810 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Coffee   Coffee Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-811 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Sepia   Sepia Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-814 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Seal Brown   Seal Brown Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-815 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Portland   Portland Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-821 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Dove Gray   Dove Gray Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-822 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Stone   Stone Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-823 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Smoke Gray   Smoke Gray Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-824 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Charcol   Charcol Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-825 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
School Gray   School Gray Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-826 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Granite   Granite Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-828 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Sage Green   Sage Green Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-830 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Moorland Green   Moorland Green Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-831 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Bottle Green   Bottle Green Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-832 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Holy Green   Holy Green Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-833 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Midnight Blue   Midnight Blue Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-839 Was £3.99 Now! £2.75 Qty:     
Bluebell   Bluebell Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-840 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Slate   Slate Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-841 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Cobalt Blue   Cobalt Blue Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-842 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Oxford Blue   Oxford Blue Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-843 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Lupin   Lupin Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-846 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Porcelain   Porcelain Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-847 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Beaujolais   Beaujolais Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-849 Was £3.99 Now! £2.75 Qty:     
Poppy   Poppy Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-851 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Burgandy   Burgandy Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-853 Was £3.99 Now! £2.75 Qty:     
Dusky Pink   Dusky Pink Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-855 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Pastel Pink   Pastel Pink Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-856 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Hazelnut   Hazelnut Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-859 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Silver   Silver Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-861 Was £3.99 Now! £2.75 Qty:     
Gold   Gold Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-862 Was £3.99 Now! £2.75 Qty:     
1 Sideed Black   1 Sideed Black Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-872 Was £3.99 Now! £2.75 Qty:     
2 Sided Black   2 Sided Black Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-873 Was £3.99 Now! £2.75 Qty:     
Solid Black   Solid Black Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-109 Was £4.99 Now! £3.50 Qty:     
Nightshade   Nightshade Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-854 Was £3.99 Now! £2.75 Qty:     
Blue   Blue Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-8130 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Yellow   Yellow Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-8159 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Green   Green Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-8164 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Scarlet   Scarlet Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-8165 Was £3.99 Now! £2.50 Qty:     
Gloss Black   Gloss Black Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-8134 Was £3.99 Now! £2.99 Qty:     
Pearl White   Pearl White Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-CP03 Was £3.99 Now! £2.99 Qty:     
Pearl Ivory   Pearl Ivory Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-CP11 Was £3.99 Now! £2.99 Qty:     
Pearl Mink   Pearl Mink Quant: 1 Ref: A1-MB-CP13 Was £3.99 Now! £2.99 Qty:     

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